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Sold out : Get Your Head Around Code

10 Oct 14:00-17:00 at SpacePortX, 26 1st Floor, 24 Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1DZ

Learn the basics of the language of the future! What is code? What do we use code for? How do we learn to code? What’s it like to work as a coder? How do we get in to the industry? A very basic introduction to the languages of the web – HTML, CSS, and Javascript These sessions will include practical examples, so please bring a laptop or mac with you! This intro into code will be the perfect starter if you are fresh to the industry

Your host for the session

    Hindley got into coding at 15, teaching herself HTML “because I was really into anime, and wanted to build websites so that I could talk to other anime fans online and share nerdy things”. Now, after several years previously in HR, recruitment and even the construction industry, she’s a software engineer at Bandcamp; she writes code, helps to create new features on the site, fixes the occasional bug and more.

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