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Sold out : A Lean And Agile Workplace

10 Oct 14:00-17:00 at Ward Hadaway, The Observatory, Chapel Walks, Manchester, M2 1SE

Are you under pressure to deliver more value for less or the same? Would you like insight into how to improve your personal and corporate productivity? Then join Fred Pernet in this interactive session playing some ‘serious games’ where you will learn real, useable techniques to improve your ‘flow’. Together you and the other attendees will have fun ‘simulating’ a product development process and measuring how ‘flow’ principles can produce key benefits such as ‘speed to market’, revenues and profitability.

You will learn how to:

Optimise your processes to increase profitability Speed up product and/or service delivery without adding cost Save time and money by identifying and eliminating key areas of systemic waste (re)-Organise your enterprise structures to increase end-to-end delivery speed and improve quality Use visual management (Kanban) to measure and manage flow Recognise the dangers of having excessive ‘work in progress’ for individuals, teams and organisations Understand the neuroscience of becoming a high-performing individual

Your host for the session

    Fred is a UK award winning Agile consultant, coach and an Accredited BCS Agile Practitioner training provider. He believes passionately in enabling Business agility to deliver faster, better quality and higher value products and services to their customers.

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